Conference Program

Conference Program

Build an impressive online program, fully integrated with abstract management, and with multiple search options.  Included with the Gold package.

Create a dynamic program

  • Create unlimited parallel sessions
  • Tag sessions by track
  • Add titles and descriptions
  • Incorporate abstracts
  • Control abstract visibility
  • Instant publication
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Simple user interface

  • Click a session for details
  • Fully searchable by title, author, presenter, program code or track
  • Collapsible menus to hide and show content
  • Hide and edit tab headings
  • Download session books

Keep on track with the sessions table

  • Send out schedules
  • Easy management of bookings
  • Manage, view and edit sessions
  • Mult-view table for filtered and ordered review data
  • Multiple report downloads

Advanced Conference Program

Platinum Package opens up the Advanced Conference Program, an enhanced version of Conference Program, with a range of added features.

Full colour coding

  • Colour by session, track or presentation type
  • Extensive colour palette for branding
  • Instant updating
  • Intuitive interface
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Add extra information and files

  • Include useful information for delegates
  • Add site maps, bios, links and images
  • Instant, live updating

Conflicts notification

  • Keep track of Chairs, presenters and authors
  • Schedule conflicts notification

Secure access

  • Create a secure code
  • Control access to abstracts and symposia
  • Only users with the access code will be able to download abstracts
Change the way you collect, manage and review your conference abstracts